Home to Strahd von Zarovich. Stone floors.

"Four statues of dragons stared balefully down at him, and their eyes, like the eyes of the door knockers, were made of jewels."

"The ceiling was covered with magnificent frescoes." "Sadly the frescoes were well on their way to ruin."

"...carpeted staircase."

"Here were more of the elaborate frescoes he had admired earlier, these depicting an attack on the mountain upon which the castle was built." -Inscription:

"They emerged at the end of an enormous hall." "A large throne rested at the far end from where they stood...."

"The stairs ended...found himself in a large hall. A gaping hole in the ceiling let in the moon's pale light and illuminated a long row of statues. "My noble ancestors," Strahd said drily, "all of whom I have done my best to anger, ignore, or thwart. Some aren't quite...gone, you see."

"My study," said Strahd, with more warmth than [Jander] had yet heard from him. A large fire burned comfortably in the hearth, its ruddy glow infusing the room with heat and light. The walls lined with hundreds of books, and [Jander] caught the scent of well-oiled leather."

"No bare stone here; the floor was covered with a beautiful rug. The count took a seat in one of the large, scarlet velvet cushioned chairs...."

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